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December 2014


December 31, 2014

I am on my annual Christmas play through of Skyrim. Man, I love that game. It’s the most fun adventure game ever. I always end up being a sneaky archer of terror no matter how many times I play through it. I can’t help myself. I don’t like the stress of hand to hand combat in games so I like the ones where you can slink around creating havoc.

I was always rather bummed that you couldn’t get the neat fish armor of one of the characters in the load screen. I always thought it was THE most badass design. The shoulder armor has a fish head on one side and the fish tail on the other… or course abstracted into armor. The rest of the armor is fish scale mail and other amazingly beautiful Norse style details. LOVE. IT.

Quick sketch really. I wanted to do a background but I got tired of drawing after a while.


Oh yeah. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Le Nope

December 30, 2014

I was just missing Paris. If I was a fashionable person I would probably like to live there. Being a lazy person and a bit of a shut in I probably wouldn’t fit in too well. Or maybe I’d change… no idea. I dig coffee quite a lot.

I like simplicity in art quite a lot, but it never seems to do as well with social media. I have’t quite figured out why that is. I swear some of the worst art pieces I’ve done do the best. It’s kinnnnnd of embarrassing. It’s weird something this simple takes so long, but trust me, it does. It takes forever to do something like this. By forever I mean about 2-3 hours… which is a surprising amount of time for that kind of simplicity. It’s not perfect, it’s not the most exciting thing ever, but that’s what you do as an arty person. You just keep going even when your work sucks, when it’s hard, when it’s ugly or when what is in your head doesn’t come out how you wanted. Keep on truckin.


Last Mermaid of 2014

December 29, 2014

Woah, well well well, 2014 is ending. It was a lovely year full of friends, laughs, fun, parties, babies, weddings, love and of course a few scares. That’s life. I love every second, the good and the bad. I hope everyone had just as wonderful a year and you are ready for 2015!

This is the last Mermaid of 2014. Monday Merms comes to an end and I thought I’d just enjoy the simplicity of pastel colors and not a lot of painting.

Happy new year from The Chubby Mermaid!


Sassy Holiday Party Antics

December 23, 2014

I love rough brushes.

Anyway, with all the holiday parties going on right now I hope you have a little bit of fun too. ;)


Rainbow Maid

December 10, 2014

Here is a little tidbit totally unrelated to art… I am sooo sooo sneezy. I have no idea why, it’s allergy related I think, but I am not typically an allergy sufferer. As a side effect of allergies I am so sleepy I feel like I am going to fall out of my chair even after the aid of two cups of coffee and a reasonable amount of sleep last night. I just keep imagining a boneless me slithering out of my office chair into a blorpy pile of goo and giraffe sweater to be found by terrified janitorial staff.

Anyway, rainbow mermaid. Believe it or not this is MOSTLY chartpak marker. Then I scanned the little lady and added some details. Originally her head was turned away from the camera so all you saw was hair. It looked fine and all but, a better illustration with of more fun with her face in profile. I love the simplified forms of her face and it reads nice as a smaller icon.




Raised by Urchins and Stars

December 2, 2014

Though hugs are prickly and holding your breath can be tiresome, one really can get the whole meditation thing down.

Feral Kids number 5 is here and it’s cute! I just love painting these little things. I hope they’re appealing enough to others. I just love animals of all sorts. Sea life has always been such a mesmerizing thing to me. I could STILL spend an entire day at a tide pool (and have recently) just poking around discovering things in the water. I even saved a Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (the hawaiian state fish) from certain death that had been trapped in a shrinking pool of water when a wave tossed it out of the ocean. I have the video somewhere… that I can’t find. Oooofff course.