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Do you even beet soup!?

August 19, 2014

Here is a revelation. I am a CrossFitter. I love it. I mean really, I am strong and fit and could probably outrun a zombie with relative ease for about 5k. After that I don’t really know. I hate running so I haven’t tested my endurance. I pick up weights and throw them down, sometimes with grunts, sometimes with screechy girl sounds accompanied by dances. I love it. If you haven’t tried it, it’s legit the only way that I was able to get in shape. I tried loads of stuff trying to tame my out of control butt-circumference and flabby arms. I can say with all honesty- the myriad of prancercise, Pilates and Jillian Michaels were not enough. CrossFit was though. I was not just in shape but FIT in about 6 months time. I lost 32lbs and learned that I actually can be athletic. The combination of positive community influence and really intense interval training were what made the difference for ME.

This is one of my coaches, Brian. He’s a superb teacher, friend and clean eating guru. It is not unusual to find him pounding a veritable bucket of his homemade beet soup after a workout. He’s a unique and intense dude that is never shy about sharing his knowledge of fitness or nutrition. He practices what he preaches and the sheer hilarity of his offering (entirely unappetizing) fuchsia soup to post worker-outers warranted an illustration.

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