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Extreme fart breath mornings

September 8, 2014

Penny REALLY likes to wake us up in the mornings. You’d think the panic that she displays at her (nearly) empty food bowl would be somewhat eased by the fact that she’s still alive. Unfortunately it has not passed through her sesame seed sized brain that we wont let her starve. It’s annoying. She wails each morning with increasing (fur)vor until one of us gets up- or is able to hurl a pillow at her with tomahawk missile precision. It’s especially annoying when she gets on your chest and buh-geows in your face at close range. She has extreme fart breath, occasionally I’ve been unlucky enough to take a Penny yawn to the face. I have strong gag reflexes.

She doesn’t have dental issues. I got her pearlies inspected, she just has extreme fart breath. Good thing she is sweet lady and that we love her.  She’s a character.



10 minute photoshop drawrin’


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