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Timing Is Everything

November 13, 2014

I love video games. A lot. If it’s a puzzle adventure game I am on it like a cat with a laser pointer. That’s right, I likes me some games.

Back when I was a wee child I had an NES that I played in between scraping my knees and stealing neighborhood bird feeders (it was a strange phase). I love The Legend of Zelda and their ilk, like Little Nemo, Contra, Mario etc. Basically most of the games on that system were side scrollers and were dependent on puzzles and timing. So my love for spike floors and boss fights run deep.

Onto the art! It’s a watercolor in my sketchbook. I ended up finishing it up in photoshop this morning. I had a little sketch of a girl running and just thought she looked like a badass adventurer. Also it’s a universal fact that boomerangs and grappling hooks are the BEST tools.

I rather like it an I hope you do too!



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