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Snow Whaaaaat!?

January 14, 2015

*Movie trailer voice* In a world, where Princess’ just can’t take it anymore…

But really though, I’d like to imagine some badass princess throwing down somewhere. They all have some straight up voodoo powers since every princess seems to have a crew of creatures to do her bidding. Making dresses, taking her to balls, leading her through the woods, stealing plans, you know, stuff. I mean if you can command that kind of animal power why you scared of spooky trees? Why you gotta rely on a group of seven questionably named men for protection?

Such raw forest power. I’d grab my machine gun blue jays and army of disgruntled forest friends, march into congress and terrify them into enacting reasonable environmental policies. Like a boss-ette.

 Art: I thought it would be fun to match the background style of the Disney animated Snow White. I think the pastel and watercolor look of that movie is so pretty.


I wish my cat’s would do my laundry for me.

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