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Sassy Boots

July 31, 2014

I was having a great time with the brushes from earlier I thought I would do more. I am not an animator, though I do work for Disney. What I do is design things for themeparks. It generally means drawing ride vehicles, working on scene timing, ride layouts, concept and pitch art for new attractions and beat boards showing what it would be like to experience said ride or attraction. I really love what I do for a living, I mean, get to travel and ride rides and collect a paycheck. Is it really a job!? Since most of what I do is such a fast turn around, there is very little time for rendered artwork or taking your time on anything. Occasionally we get more time for a piece (called hero art) and at best, you get two weeks to complete the assignment. As an artist, I have become very good at drawing quickly and communicating designs and intent… and as a consequence I am NOT a good painter anymore. I just don’t have the luxury of time. In addition for us here at Imagineering our creativity is limited by reality… meaning physics, what can be built and the material properties of building materials and paint. Our art needs to express these parameters, therefore the art at Imagineering is more akin to work you’d see at an architecture firm. It presents a set of challenges that video games or animation don’t face.

I thought I would try my hand at a more animation-y style. I can’t tell if it’s terrible or cute. I know the colors aren’t great. Maybe if I keep at it I’ll do better. Perhaps I should look at REFERENCE next time!

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