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Nautical naping

September 23, 2014

Summer is ending guys! Nooooo. I have spent so much time at the beach this year. Living in sunny southern California has it’s perks and it’s actually pretty rare that I GO to the beach even though it’s so close. I usually just go, read a book and take a nap. Then get horribly burnt. Yay!


This is inspired by my friend and co-worker Staci. She’s a sassy ginger. I just imagine her reading a book on baking while baking in the sun, she’s prolific like that.



Sketchbook musings

September 17, 2014

I’ve been super busy lately. I took a little break from posting yesterday and it was nice. I did start something, but didn’t end up finishing it. I had a doctors appointment which took half the day and after it was over I was just not into doing anything. I do however have a lot of sketches in my book. So here is a little compilation of doodles from a page. Some good, some bad, some meh. Just keep drawing just keep drawing, drawing drawing drawing.




Punk Rock

September 15, 2014

I used to be into punk. True story. In high school I had pink spiky hair and I thought I was THE coolest listening to Operation Ivy, sporting ripped jeans, chucks, and safety pins on my Jansport backpack. Which all things considered was kind of hilarious. Kids are dumb, myself included. Ah well, here is a punk inspired girl. I don’t even know if she’d be considered punk… maybe sexy modern nouveau punk. I’m going to call her that anyway and there is nothing you can do ’bout it.




September 15, 2014

I just went to a lovely wedding in Las Vegas over the weekend. I am not a big fan of Vegas as a place, actually scratch that, if there is one place on earth I would be pleased as punch to not visit again it would be Las Vegas. I am however a fan of love, and friends, and weddings. So there we have it! To Vegas I went and attended a very sweet wedding with some very sweet people. Congratulations!


Figured I would update the proper blog. I have been updating Instagram, tumblr and twitter while I was gone.  So here is one for the site. It’s nothing crazy. Little lady with a little pose. And back to the grind!



Extreme fart breath mornings

September 8, 2014

Penny REALLY likes to wake us up in the mornings. You’d think the panic that she displays at her (nearly) empty food bowl would be somewhat eased by the fact that she’s still alive. Unfortunately it has not passed through her sesame seed sized brain that we wont let her starve. It’s annoying. She wails each morning with increasing (fur)vor until one of us gets up- or is able to hurl a pillow at her with tomahawk missile precision. It’s especially annoying when she gets on your chest and buh-geows in your face at close range. She has extreme fart breath, occasionally I’ve been unlucky enough to take a Penny yawn to the face. I have strong gag reflexes.

She doesn’t have dental issues. I got her pearlies inspected, she just has extreme fart breath. Good thing she is sweet lady and that we love her.  She’s a character.



10 minute photoshop drawrin’


Mermaid party

September 8, 2014

Adam was watching really terrible TV last night, lets just say I had some time to doodle. These are some very pretty co-workers and fellow Imagineers. I added some fluff to them ;P I mean c’mon, I have a site called the chubby mermaid!

I cropped the bejesus out of this thing. I didn’t want to draw a background. LAZY!




Turtle power

September 8, 2014

I’ve been drawing in my sketchbook a lot lately. It’s nice. My drawings are improving I think. I like just simple little red-line sketches in a book. They’re so easy and it’s less stressful than trying to make the time for a painting… not that I do many of those.


Tombow, col-erase, digi color washes

ursula the sea witch

September 8, 2014

More sketchbook sketches. I always liked Ursula the sea witch, she has such presence. I think she might have been unlucky in love to have turned into such a cantankerous sea witch. Maybe her “garden” of poor unfortunate souls were really big jerks that deserved it. I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Tombow, col-erase, and Faber Castell brush pens.

All the things are sore

September 5, 2014

For reals though… sweet tap dancing Moses am I sore. I went to CrossFit 2 days in a row. Now that isn’t that big of a deal and normal for me, but ooouccchhh. The last two workouts were really hard. I am basically a little puddle of mush laying on the floor now. So here is a drawing. This is the only position that doesn’t hurt. Don’t forget to roll out!

Plate Coral Maiden

September 4, 2014

It’s been a few since I’ve drawn a chubby mermaid, so here we go!

Done on real paper, with real markers, and real red pencil. Craaaazyyyy. I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE drawing in sketchbooks, it’s just that usually I am at my desk or laptop and photoshop means no messes.

Does anyone else have problems with finishing a sketchbook? I swear I have 40 just laying around randomly with only the first 3 pages filled in. Maybe I just like buying sketchbooks because it makes me think of potential drawings… and I just never get around to them.

ALRIGHT. Quit twisting my arm, I will fill one up this year.