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August 15, 2014

I love cats. Fact. I mean really really love them. I should have been a vet, but then can you BE a vet if you only wanna work with kitties? I was enjoying looking through Ronald Searle drawings this morning. His style really seems to be trending in the animation and art community. I think it’s somewhat of a renaissance for the pen and ink drawings of the 1960’s. That rather delightful scratchy pen scribbles coupled with the softness of watered down ink or watercolor can be seen in current artists like Jeff Turley and Shiyoon Kim. If you haven’t seen some of their sketchbook musings you’re missing out. Naturally though, living in the quick turn around world that we live in- these amazing modern day artists use digital tools as well as traditional ones. Never forget those traditional skills.

Searle drawings are pretty amazing. Expressive, energetic and rugged. This morning I was a little burnt out on drawing Cars and the world OF Cars so I though I’d just have some fun, take a 10 minutes break, not worry about things being pretty and scratch out some cats. I used a digital pen that as closely mimics a fountain pen as possible. It’s good to not get too precious with your drawings. Eventually, through sheer volume of practice ALL of your drawings look like like they took time even if they didn’t. I’m not there yet… maybe some day. :)

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