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An inky blustery day

September 19, 2014

I ended up with this Moleskine watercolor sketchbook. It’s honestly not my fave, though I do love that brand. They didn’t have any open samples at the store and instead of being practical and opening the plastic on one, I bought the sketchbook all willy-nilly. I do like watercolors, but am not crazy about toothy watercolor paper, especially in a sketchbook. The paper feels clunky and absorbs too much ink and color. I like when the ink kind of pools on your paper and can be built up without leaving defined lines. So I am not all that pleased with how this ink sketch turned out. You can see my red lines and I don’t much care for that. Also my paper is not yellow. These are the dangers of working in incandescent light.

Anywhosen. India ink and water. I will try and do another ink sketch tomorrow on different paper. :)

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