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A Girl And Her Cat

November 11, 2014

Sometimes I wonder what is going on underneath. ;)

I haven’t shown how I start a drawing on my blog yet and I really should! As with anything in life, you start with the basics. I usually start a drawing with a super simple skeletal shape- a stick figure if you will. I don’t actually draw a skeleton, but a circle for the head, a line for the spine indicates the bodies motion, and if you want to get leg positions right it’s probably a good idea to figure out where the femur attaches to the hips. The same process starts with drawing a building. You start with perspective lines and basic shapes and then start adding details. When you start adding details right away sometimes there is not enough structure for them to stick to, and you end up with a really bad drawing. It’s the best advice I can give any artist just starting out, think big shapes and structure, and then get to the fun details.  Your drawing might look ugly for a little while, but part of a good drawing is a strong foundation! Lets face it, foundations aren’t pretty!

I went wild with the idea of the underlying structure of a drawing. So I drew a fancy lady with her cat, and their underlying skeletons. They’re not perfectly anatomically correct, so don’t get too nit-picky! Hope you like it.



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