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You’re Parked in the Red

November 12, 2014

I had this sketchbook page with these two girls hailing a cab. I had started it with brush pen and then went in with watercolor washes. It really looked terrible and you could tell I lost interest in working on it pretty quick. Since I wasn’t insanely busy today as I have been, I thought I’d play around with the drawing and flesh it out. It ended up being so totally different than what I started with that the only thing that stayed the same was the taxi!

I’m not a great painter. A lot of the time paintings just get away from me and turn into muddy messes. This one did too, but not nearly as disastrous as it could have been. The light is all over the place, as is the composition and color. It’s alright though as it’s still an improvement from earlier this year. I think the trick is to just keep things simple. Start with your light and shadow composition and then work from there. I didn’t do that and tried to add in light later. Don’t do that. Have a plan for where you want your artwork to go.

Frenchies though. They’re so cute right!?!



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