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Tombow Marker Mermaid

July 29, 2014

I did a HUGE amount of these Tombow marker drawings a few years ago. I finally got around to scanning them. If you’ve never used a Tombow marker they’re a bit like sumi ink or a brush pen, well, technically they are a brush pen. It helps a drawing be loose with several different line weights. Obviously with no ability to erase you have to commit to a drawing. I prefer to draw with the warm gray Tombow and then adjust the channels in Photoshop later so make it darker. Today I chose blue, because Mermaids that’s why.

This¬†works best as a drawing. I tried to go back in and paint one of these guys today and it just sucked the life out of the gestural quality. I am a much better drawer than painter. I should work on that…

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