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Destiny >:|

September 18, 2014

I like video games, but mostly the adventure types; Skyrim, Zelda, mostly Skyrim. My husband likes games A LOT, he plays them nearly erryday. I don’t really mind, I have drawings to do or cats to annoy- you know, important things.

He recently started playing Destiny and to my severe annoyance- he can’t pause the game. “I’ll die!” he says, which is presumably true since it takes place online… even though you’re not playing with anyone. Things like kitchen fires, cat attacks, laundry, and cooking be dammed.

So I just have to say-


Feminine lines

August 20, 2014

I may have mentioned that I am not a great painter. I LOVE line work though. I was always on my game in a figure drawing class. Contour lines to me are the easiest way to describe a form. I loved doing life drawing, and the more corpulent the model that happier I was to draw them. In my own life I prefer to be fit. I like being healthy and able to run up a mountain if I felt the desire to do so. However something about drawing hips, butts and describing the form in soft shapes makes me happy as an artist.

I like the way this drawing turned out. That’s not something I usually say. I think the simplicity is what makes me happy about it.

Chub on.


August 18, 2014

So I am entering a two week brainstorm session. This means 8-5 all day meetings around a light table. It means I have NO idea how I am going to draw anything blog related. I guess this is what lunch is for. So in essence I have the next 9 minutes to pump out a drawing, eat lunch and write a blog post. Good thing I am fast. So this is my office. It sums up pretty much exactly how I feel about Mondays. Like… oh you have work to do? Too bad, Ima watch cat videos until my eyes bleed.

This cycle repeats itself every Monday and sometimes Friday. Since I am in an all day meeting THIS Monday, I feel funny and like I might need a hug.