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August 15, 2014

Fish Biscuits is the little mermaid that no one wanted to make a movie out of. She has a winning personality though.

Mermaid Maladies

August 14, 2014

Mermaid maladies and other deformities. Fish Biscuits could have friends… but she’s generally less attractive than they are, except maybe Sea Pig.

Poor Fish Biscuits

August 8, 2014

Why mermaids? Once I saw a fat mermaid on a guys arm. I liked it. I’ve been drawing chubby mermaids since. It became a thing, now it’s a blog. Actually I’m not even entirely that excited about the concept of mermaids, but it IS an excuse to make me draw and update regularly. Tiiiiime to start a comic I think.

It’s going to be called Poor Fish Biscuits. We’ll see how long it lasts.