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Raised by Squirrels

November 20, 2014

Raised by squirrels! This is a WIP or work in progress for those not savvy with acronyms. It’s part of the Feral Kid book I’ve got big plans for. It takes me a little while to do these things in watercolor. Since I can really only do them after work and in between workouts the accumulated time I have to paint isn’t a whole lot. While I would like to do one a day it’s more like half a painting a day. So while this isn’t finished it’s close enough to show.

Leopard Seal Maid

November 10, 2014

Mermaid Monday! It’s a thing. Sketchbook page. I was drawing this while Adam was doing the CrossFit Merge Pumpkin Spice Throwdown. Instead of you know, watching. Bad wife. Bad.


Edward safety-scissor-hands

October 15, 2014

Dawww… Inktober 15 with a combo of Sketch_Dailies. Baby Edward is cuute. Pen and ink yo.

Johanna Goanna

October 14, 2014

I was in Europe for two weeks. Since it’s Inktober I thought I’d start my first post back on my site as lucky No. 13. Nothing fancy here! Just an brush pen drawing with some photoshop washes. Easy peasy.



Mermaid party

September 8, 2014

Adam was watching really terrible TV last night, lets just say I had some time to doodle. These are some very pretty co-workers and fellow Imagineers. I added some fluff to them ;P I mean c’mon, I have a site called the chubby mermaid!

I cropped the bejesus out of this thing. I didn’t want to draw a background. LAZY!




Turtle power

September 8, 2014

I’ve been drawing in my sketchbook a lot lately. It’s nice. My drawings are improving I think. I like just simple little red-line sketches in a book. They’re so easy and it’s less stressful than trying to make the time for a painting… not that I do many of those.


Tombow, col-erase, digi color washes

ursula the sea witch

September 8, 2014

More sketchbook sketches. I always liked Ursula the sea witch, she has such presence. I think she might have been unlucky in love to have turned into such a cantankerous sea witch. Maybe her “garden” of poor unfortunate souls were really big jerks that deserved it. I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Tombow, col-erase, and Faber Castell brush pens.

Plate Coral Maiden

September 4, 2014

It’s been a few since I’ve drawn a chubby mermaid, so here we go!

Done on real paper, with real markers, and real red pencil. Craaaazyyyy. I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE drawing in sketchbooks, it’s just that usually I am at my desk or laptop and photoshop means no messes.

Does anyone else have problems with finishing a sketchbook? I swear I have 40 just laying around randomly with only the first 3 pages filled in. Maybe I just like buying sketchbooks because it makes me think of potential drawings… and I just never get around to them.

ALRIGHT. Quit twisting my arm, I will fill one up this year.


Bad Hair Day

August 11, 2014

Bad hair days under the seas. Clam shell compact. Some Monday’s just never feel right.

Tombow Marker Mermaid

July 29, 2014

I did a HUGE amount of these Tombow marker drawings a few years ago. I finally got around to scanning them. If you’ve never used a Tombow marker they’re a bit like sumi ink or a brush pen, well, technically they are a brush pen. It helps a drawing be loose with several different line weights. Obviously with no ability to erase you have to commit to a drawing. I prefer to draw with the warm gray Tombow and then adjust the channels in Photoshop later so make it darker. Today I chose blue, because Mermaids that’s why.

This works best as a drawing. I tried to go back in and paint one of these guys today and it just sucked the life out of the gestural quality. I am a much better drawer than painter. I should work on that…